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Catering trends are always interesting to monitor. Being Queenstown event catering professionals, In2Food tailor each event to the specific clients’ needs, but business development manager Andy Thompson has noticed the following general trends recently:

• Extending the canape hour to include substantial walk n fork, and/or removing the entrees to encourage more networking

• Having a wow factor in delivery, such as a champagne wall and antipasto cones on arrival, an oyster table and shucker bar on arrival or donut walls for dessert

• Themed market food stalls at a welcome function. Particularly relevant with many overseas conferences being postponed, for example a Pacific Island themed menu if a Rarotonga or Fiji locale has had to be cancelled

• Creating dietary specific menus to fully cater for the particular dietaries. Thompson notes that the days of removing the meat from the dish and serving up the sides only for vegetarians, for example, are long gone, and In2Food has a vegetarian chef who creates new options for every event

• Yet not as many requests for turmeric or raw food requests as the health industry might have us believe.

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Corporate Catering Trends